Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Obsidian Entertainment's return to the Fallout franchise is the subject of a new preview on PC Gamer, which seems to be based on a new demo as he gets to explore areas not available at E3.
Away from Vegas and back out on the wastes, I found an NCR soldier on duty. On duty inside the mouth of a 20ft plastic dinosaur. He was protecting Novac a settlement sprung up around a motel (and its dinosaur), and named after a busted No Vacancies sign. Chatting to the NCR dude, it turned out someone had nabbed his wife, selling her into slavery. Novac's a small place it had to be one of his neighbours who did the wifenapping. Time for some sleuthing.

Obsidian want to up the importance of chatting, bringing the skills you previously used on the field into dialogue. In Vegas, I was able to call on my superlative sneaking powers to smuggle my holdout guns into a strict no-guns casino. The option to try this pops up in regular conversation, your actual skill determining whether a conversational gambit is successful or not.