Disciples III: Renaissance Preview

With .dat's Disciples III: Renaissance nearly upon us, the editors at GameZone have cranked out what will most likely be one of the last hands-on previews of the turn-based strategy/RPG.
The game's battle system is as straightforward as they come. The turn-based system allows you to position your units throughout the field, select the appropriate attack, and then click on the specific enemy you want to take out. Each fighter's turn is placed in an easy to see queue at the bottom of the screen, so you know which enemy is gearing up to strike. There is also an auto-attack function that lets you put the battles on auto-pilot.

The long gestation period has had positive effects on the gameplay. A number of tweaks and key additions have been made to the series, including the ability to teach your character skills via a new skill board, which lets you gain passive and active abilities and powers as you fill out the board. You'll gain skill points as you gain experience and level up your character, which can then be used on the board as you see fit, allowing for some personal customization.
I'm betting that we'll start seeing some reviews later this week.