Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

After sitting in on the closed-doors demonstration of Star Wars: The Old Republic during E3, brings us a quick write-up that actually shares some fears that they have about the game. The paragraph worth contemplating:
Finally, Jake wanted to assuage fears that Star Wars: The Old Republic wouldn't be a full fledged MMO, and to that end he provided us with a live demo of a group play scenario where a Jedi Consular, a Jedi Knight, a Trooper and a Smuggler banded together to beat back Sith Empire forces including a large mechanized boss. The fight kind of dragged on longer than I'd like and frankly I wasn't too impressed with what I was seeing. If anything, I was pretty underwhelmed. I wrote an article about possible classes to be featured in SW:TOR when I first started here at and in it I mentioned the Jedi Consular as a possible healer class, though I cautioned I never would want to see a Jedi basically sitting in the back line healing their party, but I felt there was a strong possibility it would be a reality in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unfortunately, I was right. Right there before my eyes, I watched from the main perspective of the Jedi Consular player as she did absolutely nothing but stand around refilling the Trooper's health meter as he held the boss aggro. I died a little bit inside, but alas, nothing is perfect!