The MMOs of E3 2010

In one fell swoop, IGN brings us a round-up of all the MMO action that was to be had at last week's Electronics Entertainment Expo. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Final Fantasy XIV, The Agency, DC Universe Online, TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, and others are all briefly covered:
It isn't too hard, however, to see when a game needs some work in a very specific area, and it was two of the biggest-name games at the show that fell into this category. Final Fantasy XIV Online, although possibly the most gorgeous MMO we've ever seen, contained a battle system that was a little too confusing for us to really grasp in our limited demo time, and a control-scheme that suited consoles quite well, but seemed at-odds with the PC's standard mouse-and-keyboard setup.

Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Old Republic arguably the most hotly anticipated MMO for 2011 simply failed to shine. The story and conversation options were interesting and cool, and the graphics were decent enough, but combat, at least in those early stages, felt rather familiar. Of course, TOR and FFXIV are both many months away from release, and have very talented developers working on them, so we hope, if not expect, that these kinds of issues will be addressed before the games hit our hard drives.