Mass Effect 3: 10 Things That'll Definitely Happen

NowGamer has put together a list of ten events that they're convinced will take place in Mass Effect 3, based on hints revealed throughout the original Mass Effect and its first sequel. For example:
9. The Shadow Broker Is Revealed
All roads lead to one man as the central facilitator of third-installment antagonisation; The Shadow Broker. He's the only main character in the series to whom constant mention is made, but about whose identity we haven't a clue. Expect him or her? to feature big. Furthermore, we are betting that the Shadow Broker is someone very, very close to Shepard. Someone who has featured in both previous games. Hint, hint.


1. The Council Will Lionise Shepard
The Council have been a thorn in Shepard's side since day zip. Whether the former multi-species variety, or the new, ignominious human one, they have caused you nothing but problems and showed zero faith in Shepard no matter how many times he gets things right. As per storytelling law, they will finally give him the credit he deserves and probably bow to him along with the entire civilized galaxy in a Star-Warsian medal-ceremony ending.