Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Obsidian's return to the Fallout franchise is the subject of yet another hands-on preview, and this time it's courtesy of the folks over at ResumePlay.
Almost immediately after you start your journey -- after Doc Mitchell sets you off-- you meet your new best friend, Sunny Smiles. After meeting up with Sunny over at the Prospector Saloon she begins to show you around town giving you the chance to interact with the many residents and local wildlife in Goodsprings. Obsidian has confirmed that there will be gambling related mini-games implemented in New Vegas. So don't be surprised to find gamblers and loan sharks congregating in the local saloon. Upon your exploration of the town you notice that the people range from friendly to just down right mean, and you find the mean ones pretty fast. The combat system in the game is very similar to that of Fallout 3, but now players have the choice to attach add-ons to their weapons and customize all of your guns to your heart's content. You can also implement specialized bullets into your weapons; such as the pierce rounds that are effective against armor, and heavy slugs for your shotguns.