Return of the Jedi

In an attempt to determine what we should expect from our Jedi characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Massively brings us a closer examination of the Jedi Order and how it has evolved from its formation, through the movies, and into the time of the Old Republic.
Most interestingly, the Knights, during the time of Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The Old Republic, are seemingly a mixture of both the Clone Wars Jedi and the New Jedi Order. There seems to be a great deal of formalized training, yet self-exploration seems to be encouraged, as well. Although control is important, Jedi are allowed to have strong emotions towards what they are doing and towards each other. It is understood, however, that this should never get in the way of their duty to the Force.

This could mean a lot of things in the way of storytelling. A very interesting point is made by Erickson, in the SWTOR community forums: "In the time of The Old Republic it is permissible to have children and even to marry within the order but only with direct permission from the Jedi Council. To be granted permission the Jedi must prove a perfect detachment and serenity, basically that he or she does not care more about their prospective spouse or parent of their child than they do about any other Jedi." They speak of romantic encounters on several occasions, which suggests greater realms of personal character development beyond the flat, two-dimensional Jedi sometimes seen in the first three episodes of the Star Wars movie series.

Members of the Bioware development team have said several times that there will be a Light Side/Dark Side point scaling system. I believe this will be used not only to literarily control your companions' actions, but also to divine your place in the Jedi Order. For instance, I believe if there is a scenario in which you have to choose between a Republic Official and a companion who is your lover, saving your lover will have a negative effect on your place in the Jedi Order, possibly giving you some Dark Side points.