Star Wars: The Old Republic: Possible Playable Races, Part One

LucasArts and BioWare have yet to announce which races we'll be able to choose during character creation in Star Wars: The Old Republic, so has taken it upon themselves to do a little speculation based on what we know about the game, its place in the Star Wars timeline, and the races that were introduced in the two original KotORs. The two candidates I think are most likely:
The Cathar are a humanoid catlike species (surprise, surprise!) from the planet Cathar. Their population was driven nearly to extinction following a battle with the Mandalorians known as the Battle of Cathar . While tempermental, the Cathar possessed high moral values and a strong sense of loyalty, and lived in a clan-based society.

Why we like them: Given their strong moral values, distinct cat-like look (every MMO needs catgirls, come on!), and their tendency to become Jedi we think they'd be a great fir.

Likelihood of making it in: Very likely. Not only do they fit the timeline well, they are much more humanoid than say the Barabel, and would be easier from an art perspective to implement. More importantly, Juhani from the original Knights of the Old Republic was a main character who traveled with Revan and is easily recognizable by fans of the franchise.


From the planet Duro, the Duros were one of the first space faring species in the galaxy and often served as pilots and explorers, it's even believed they may have been the first to develop the first hyperspace capable spacecraft. Star Wars: The Old Republic is set roughly 300 years after a particularly horrid time for the Duros species as well, in 3,962 BBY (The Old Republic is set around 3,653 BBY) the Mandalorians nearly wiped out the entire planet of Duro as part of an invasion of the Core worlds.

Why we like them: While we have no clue what role space will have in the The Old Republic, it would be nice to have a race so associated with the stars. They've also likely got a bone to pick with the Mandalorians, who've thrown their hats in with the Sith Empire, making for a great grudge match!

Likelihood of making it in: Certainly possible. While they don't particularly fit with any of the classes in the game, the Duros were one of the founding races of the Galactic Republic and have many appearances in both the Expanded Universe and the original trilogy. Duros were even featured in the Knights of the Old Republic games and comics.