Fallout: New Vegas Magazine Preview Details

Duck and Cover has provided us with a "bullet-pointed summary" of the topics that are covered in a new Fallout: New Vegas preview that appears in the latest issue of Xbox 360 World magazine. Prepare for the All-American:
'¢ The tagline says: "A Safe Bet for RPG Fans".
'¢ Hardcore mode: Stimpaks take a long time to heal, you need a Doctor's Bag to heal broken limbs, and you suffer from Dehydration so you need to carry water.
'¢ Dynamite is one of the first weapons you come across.
'¢ Obsidian have focused much more on the story than Bethesda did with Fallout 3.
'¢ VATS now includes a special attack for every weapon.
'¢ Weapons can be modded - one of the mods involves reducing the spooling time for miniguns.
'¢ All of your skills can be used to influence dialogue.
'¢ A "Command/Companion Wheel" gives you control over your followers - the design of this isn't finalized yet.
'¢ Nightkin are back and can cloak.
'¢ The Hoover Dam is intact and produces electricity.
'¢ Electricity seems to be one of the main things in the game.
'¢ There are 3 factions - the NCR, Caesar's Legion, and (although unconfirmed) the Brotherhood of Steel.
'¢ The Helios One solar tower controls an orbital laser platform.
'¢ You can get a portable controller for the laser platform and use it throughout the game.
'¢ Lots of "grey areas" in terms of actions and dialogue - a combined reputation and morality system means everything you do has an effect on something in one way or another.
'¢ New Vegas will have different endings, "instead of the single, potentially anachronistic 'man/woman saves the Wasteland' finale."
'¢ The overall theme of the game is about trying to find out who tried to kill you and why.
'¢ New weapon - The "All-American" - a rapid fire Sniper Rifle.