Cryptic Studios Interview

Cryptic Studios' Bill Roper and Jack Emmert took some time to address their recent position shifts within the company in a new interview over at IncGamers.
So Champions Online has been out for a few months now and Star Trek Online is still finding its feet; why re-shuffle at this point?

JE: I guess things change. I really value Bill's input on games and I wanted him to be able to look at not just one product but all products. This way, Bill gets to give suggestions to every team. For my part, it's just recognizing that I'm not just involved in design, but also operations.

BR: Cryptic is evolving as a company. Our games have been good, but not great, and that doesn't make us happy. We've taken steps to recognize, acknowledge, and correct the issues that have contributed to this. We have new development processes, new design principles, and a revitalized and renewed dedication to staying in direct contact with our communities. Jack and I take a lot of heat personally and professionally when our games don't meet the expectations of our community or the reviewers. We're both driven to make Cryptic a respected studio with a focus on game quality and community interaction. The teams at Cryptic are amongst the best I've worked with, and their ability to create content is second to none. We're making real changes on how we approach the quality and scope of that content to maximize their efforts. Personally, I'm excited to work with all of the teams to do whatever I can to keep us moving in the right direction and improve our games in every way possible.