Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

Another Q&A with Star Wars: The Old Republic lead writer Daniel Erickson has emerged from the recent Game Developers Conference, and this time it comes to us via Darth Hater. A sampling:
One of the biggest concerns that we've seen in the community is about grouping and group decisions. From a story perspective, can other people in your group and people that you hang with while you're leveling up, impact your personal story?

Daniel Erickson: So there are two very separate things that we have going on: your personal story, which is your class story, and then the world stories. And to be clear, there are large ongoing world stories as well. There are a whole series of quests that will take you double-digit hours to do that you can do multiplayer, and that you can make all the decisions, and you guys can go through the whole thing together.

Think about everybody going to Bespin in Empire Strikes Back, and they're going to run through that. So yes it is possible for Han, if he had decided to, to go with Luke and hang out on Dagobah. No, it is not possible for him to change his training sequence. He does not actually get to affect the Jedi Knight story there. He can come, he can be part of it, and he can help fight through it. Though I guess he wouldn't have been very much use at the tree. You can come as multiplayer and hang out with your friends, and you can see all the stuff they are doing. But no, you don't have the ability to actually mess up their story.