Borderlands The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC Reviews

It's time for another round of reviews for The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Gearbox's latest DLC addition for Borderlands.

GameShark gives it a "B+":
You can argue that the consumer shouldn't have to pay for a game studio's tweaking, and it's a fair point to make, but thankfully Gearbox is actually trying. Too many times DLC is used to shovel out pieces of the main game the developers didn't have time to finish, or simply goose the consumer for more money without adding any value to the main game at all. General Knoxx may suffer some as a result of all of the fiddling, but in the missteps you can see the start of something bigger than what Borderlands was originally intended to be. Make no mistake, this game is now a Franchise with a capital "F" and if through the playing of these DLC packs I can see how a game goes from backwater planet to galactic empire, then I'm happy to pay for the privilege.

Game Vortex gives it a 97%:
Downloadable content is a topic that is heavily debated in the gaming community. Sometimes I'm even conflicted on whether or not I support the idea. However, releases like Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx give me hope for the future of downloadable content. The value is certainly there. Ten dollars for several hours of entertainment should be a no-brainer, especially to fans of Borderlands. In a day and age where most DLC lasts upwards of one or two hours, it's refreshing to see a developer inject so much quality into a ten dollar product. With a few notable exceptions (the only ones being Fallout 3's DLC releases), The Secret Armory of General Knoxx shames pretty much everything else on the DLC market.

Brutal Gamer doesn't do the scoring thing:
Without a doubt, Secret Armoury of General Knoxx is one of the best and largest pieces of download-only expansion packs that have ever been released, keeping true to what made Borderlands fantastic in the first place; the co-op. It's a shame that something so brilliant was spoiled by the ungodly amount of driving you need to do and the ridiculously steep difficulty curve between the first and second play through options.

Diehard GameFAN gives it a "Great Game":
Overall The Secret Armory of General Knoxx will give you a lot of bang for your buck. For $10 you will get more playtime added to the main game than most FPS's. The weapons are great! The enemies are varied! The missions are challenging! For all of you die-hard Borderlands fans this is a must get. No question.

The Gamers' Temple gives it a 91%:
At this point, I'd estimate that I've dedicated well over 100 hours to Borderlands and its expansions, and I still keep coming back for more. While the first two add-ons had some issues, Gearbox has hit its stride with General Knoxx. They clearly understand what makes their game a great one, and they're doing everything in their power to keep evolving Borderlands from an interesting shooter to a huge experience spanning DLC after DLC that keeps old fans happy while also drawing in new ones. I was a little late to the party (the game launched in October '09, I bought it in January), but seeing as how I'm totally hooked, I figure there are others out there like me. The issue at hand here isn't the amazing main game, but the DLC, and its easily one of the best add-ons ever produced. If you enjoyed the Borderlands experience, you owe it to yourself to give this DLC a look. For a mere $10, you get not only new stuff to do, but also new heights to reach and all of it works seamlessly with the game you've played and the character you've built. Get this DLC A.S.A.P., and be forever disappointed with the extra characters and silly costumes offered up by others games as new content.

Go! Gaming Giant gives it a 9/10:
The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is what DLC should be. It provides you with a meaty expansion that actually adds to the game as a whole. This is obviously not (an idea we had to scrap) or something that was just lying around at Gearbox; it's something actually worthwhile. I'd go so far as to say it's necessary to pick up Knoxx in order to get the full Borderlands experience.

SquareGo gives it a 4/5:
All said though, this add-on gives you a lot more things to do than just about every other game add-on out there, more than half the games out there. Heck, the lion's share of it is ridiculous amounts of fun.

And 7outof10 gives it an 8/10:
The increased level cap is a bonus, the writing is still absolutely hilarious, and the ending is far more in keeping with what we were expecting at the end of the first game. Looting is still very addictive, and I'm still trying to find one of the ultra rare' weapons that is apparently hidden somewhere. Out of all the DLC, and as enjoyable as Zombie Island was, I'd recommend this to anyone that wants a bit more mileage from an excellent shooter.