Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Blog

Star Wars: The Old Republic writer Joanna Berry is the latest team member to churn out a developer blog entry on the official website. In it, she covers the principles of the Jedi Consular and the fine line they must walk when having such a keen understanding of The Force:
When developing the story for the Jedi Consular, these were themes we wanted to address power and wisdom, how Jedi face the dark side, and how they work toward the ideals of the Republic. But the key element of the Consular's story is mystery, using intelligence and courage to seek the truth. We wanted to capture the journey of Obi-Wan Kenobi someone who begins with unusual insight and talent, but who is still growing into those powers, learning about the galaxy, and choosing what path to take in life.

For me, the challenge and the fun of writing the Jedi Consular is keeping a sense of balance between intelligence and arrogance, between what's right and what could win the war against the Empire. A Jedi Consular must sometimes accept the grayer path, the less perfect choice. He or she must make the decisions the Republic can't, in order to save it.