Unconfirmed: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Not Coming to iPhone

Citing bad sales and choppy execution, Pocket Gamer's Rumour Mill claims publisher D3 is not planning to follow up the Puzzle Quest iPhone port with a Puzzle Quest: Galactrix port.
Sadly, I've been told not to get my hopes high for an iPhone and iPod touch version of Infinite Interactive's upcoming Puzzle Quest sequel.

The reason is two-fold. First, the port of the original Puzzle Quest didn't sell as well as expected. It was a mistake when the first episode was released at £5.99/$9.99 - far too much in the early days of iPhone gaming.

More problematic than the price, however, was the ropey execution. Major bugs marred what had been a phenomenal game on PSP and DS. It wasn't until major updates were issued that the iPhone version became playable.