Unconfirmed: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Not Coming to iPhone

26 Feb 2010

Citing bad sales and choppy execution, Pocket Gamer's Rumour Mill claims publisher D3 is not planning to follow up the Puzzle Quest iPhone port with a Puzzle Quest: Galactrix port.
Sadly, I've been told not to get my hopes high for an iPhone and iPod touch version of Infinite Interactive's upcoming Puzzle Quest sequel.

The reason is two-fold. First, the port of the original Puzzle Quest didn't sell as well as expected. It was a mistake when the first episode was released at £5.99/$9.99 - far too much in the early days of iPhone gaming.

More problematic than the price, however, was the ropey execution. Major bugs marred what had been a phenomenal game on PSP and DS. It wasn't until major updates were issued that the iPhone version became playable.

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