Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC Previews

The third set of DLC for Borderlands is the subject of two more hands-on previews this evening, starting with the folks at IGN:
The main town in the game is called T-Bone Junction, which sits on the outskirts of a gigantic dried out lakebed across which stretch sections of crumbling elevated highways. Since the zone is so big, you'll be using vehicles quite a bit to get around, and Gearbox has included additional types to get around. You'll need to do a quest to get the first one, a two-person vehicle called a Monster. Once you collect a bunch of parts to put it together, one player can hop in the driver's seat and another into the turret to fire out homing missiles.

And then we make a stop at Destructoid for a few more morsels of information:
There's a bigger emphasis on vehicles in "General Knoxx"; three new vehicles are part of this expansion. The first one you get is called the Monster, and it's a six-wheeled beast good for off-roading. The Monster is a good all-around vehicle suited for two players -- one steers, and the other uses the mounted missile launcher. The Racer is a remix of the Runner, and is designed to get you around quickly. Last but not least is the Lancer, the first vehicle designed for four players. One player drives, another shoots the cannon, another can drop mines, and the fourth position is a blast wave that goes out in all directions to push back any enemies that have gotten too close to the car.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Borderlands, Joystiq brings word that the role-playing shooter has now sold a total of three million copies.