Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC Preview

GameSpot is offering up a thorough preview of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, the third piece of downloadable content coming to Gearbox's Borderlands in the near future.
The new content in TSAOGK (we're done spelling this one out) is being billed as the biggest piece of downloadable content for Borderlands yet, and based on what we got a look at, we're inclined to agree. The content pack will feature several all-new areas to visit, complete with new enemies, weapons, and vehicles. On top of all that, Gearbox is implementing a new level cap of 61 that extends to players and gear, as well as upping the capacity of your backpack via some quest rewards. Finally, you can expect a new dose of achievements and trophies to nab. All told, there's a bunch of sexy stuff that should please fans.

We got a look at one of the first areas, called T-Bone Junction, which is a nice showcase for just how different the content will be. The new area is a town that was built on the water in Pandora. Unfortunately, time and local weather have done away with any moisture and have left the settlement elevated off the ground. We started to get a leisurely peek around the town, but that didn't last long, because a drop pod full of Crimson Lance assassins eager to stab us to death plopped in front of us. The dual-blade-wielding femme fatales and their leader, Vulcana, were short on small talk and big on slashing. The character we were using was armed to the teeth, so the stabby ladies didn't pose too much of a threat, but we could see how they could be a real problem if you're not packing firepower, due to their speed.