Bethesda Softworks Inside the Vault Q&A

Bethesda's official blog joins into the PR fray of New Vegas, with a new Inside the Vault Q&A featuring New Vegas' QA lead, Andrew Scharf.
What games have you worked on?
I was the first person in QA to be hired after Fallout 3's release, so when I started I mainly worked on the Fallout 3 Downloadable Content. This worked out perfectly for me, considering I had just finished my first playthrough at home and was itching for more content. It was pretty awesome to think that for a game I had spent countless hours enjoying at home as an end user, I was now playing an active role in the development of additional content.

Shortly after working on Broken Steel, I was brought on to lead the testing of Medieval Games, one of our externally developed titles published by Vir2L Studios. Currently, I'm the QA Lead on Fallout New Vegas