Star Trek Online Interviews

Amid all the Mass Effect 2 coverage this week, I managed to find a couple of interviews pertaining to a different sci-fi RPG: Star Trek online.

First in line is VideoGamer, where they've grilled executive producer Craig Zinkievich:
Q: Our favourite closed beta moments came when I joined a number of other players in large scale space battles against computer-controlled ships. What can you tell us about STO's endgame in terms of player versus environment?

CZ: There will be plenty of endgame where people can play in these large scale fleet battles. We've also got some raid-style Episodes on the way, designed specifically for high-end players with top-of-the-line ships. We want to challenge players and engage them in the game's story. We'll also be adding more PvE on both Federation and Klingon factions. We want to continually add new content that way players will always have something to do.

And then we head to MMORPGate for another Q&A with Craig:
Open Instances are part of Star Trek Online. Can you explain them to our readers and why did you decided to add them. Is that so players who like to venture alone don't get stuck in the most difficult battles?

Well, it sounds like you're describing two separate things. There are Fleet Actions, which work like giant, open missions that allow a large amount of people to work together to achieve one common goal. In a Fleet Action, you enter an area and work within your team (or solo) to complete an objective. Once the Fleet Action is over, players can leave and the Fleet Action will reset.

We also have open teaming, which automatically puts players working on the same mission on a team. It's an optional feature that helps people make new friends and get the help they may need on tough missions. We designed it to help combat the isolation people can feel when they're in deep space.