Greg Zeschuk Interview

The latest "Kotaku Talk Radio" episode features BioWare's Greg Zeschuk talking about the impending release of Mass Effect 2, the early stages of Mass Effect 3 development, why the series doesn't feature subtitles, what we should expect from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the "blurring" of the role-playing genre, and more. Portions of the interview can be found in text form here, which I'll quote from below:
As for what will happen in Mass Effect 3, Zeschuk didn't elaborate, only saying that the third game in the series is currently in the planning stages and that it will feature the same persistent game save system featured in Mass Effect 2.

"I think we can actually extend that quite effectively to [Mass Effect 3], the key thing being that that save game concept will work in 3 as well where we can take the save games from one to two, two to three," Zeschuk said in response to a Kotaku Talk Radio caller.

"Even to the point where some of the decisions you made in 1 you'll see the result in 3," he continued. "It's actually interestingly impactful in that folks who have stuck with the franchise the entire time, there will be stuff that you will feel is yours that you've created in that third iteration."