Irrational Games Interview

GameSpot is the latest website to catch up with Irrational Games' Ken Levine for a discussion about the company's recent name change and what's next for his team of developers.
Levine also said that there's value in the Irrational brand that would be squandered by not continuing to use the name. "It's not so much what you gain," he said. "It's the sense that people had a connection to the studio and the name before, internally and externally, so I think there's value there." That value, of course, also encompasses Irrational's reputation for creating quality products, he said.

"There is a theme; there's a thread between all of our products," he said. "But there are some elements that are very similar, I think. Story elements and the feeling of a well-detailed world and a certain neatness to the products that I think people really attach to the name. And I think that we saw the value there, and we think our audience sees the value there. And we thought it was the right time to go back."