Bethesda Working on World of Warcraft Type MMO

In the Interplay vs Bethesda court case, Bethesda has provided some information on the MMO that the Zenimax MMO division is working on. To keep the information from their competitors - including Interplay - Bethesda has filed to redact these details before they're released, Duck and CoverĀ reports.
The big trade secret?: Bethesda has "tens and tens of millions of dollars" and "close to a hundred people"working on a "secret" "World Of Warcraft" type MMO and they don't want their competitors knowing about it. They've been working on it pretty heavily since 2007 after assigning the team in late 2006. According to testimony given by Bethesda, the development timetable for an MMO is 4 years, so that would mean they would be releasing this game next year.
Meanwhile, VG247 cites unnamed sources as confirming that this is the TES MMO, which should surprise no one, and that it was supposed to have been revealed last year, which is more of a surprise.
It's Elder Scrolls, we're very reliably informed, and it was supposed to be revealed last year.

The game has been talked about behind the scenes for at least a year, we're assured, and must be (very close to reveal by now).

Bethesda has given VG247 a (no comment).