Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Preview

GameDaily has put together a brief preview of the eight classes that will be available in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, though the article doesn't really bring anything new to the table if you've been following SWTOR-related news up to this point. On the bounty hunter:
When a bounty hunter shows up, you know it's gonna be a party. This high-tech warrior packs all kinds of nifty gear, giving him the advantage in battle. He has a computer readout he can access on his right arm, so he can monitor supplies and target nearby enemies. He also has several tools of the trade, including a blaster, a flame thrower built into his left arm and rockets, which can damage larger enemies or groups. The Bounty Hunter holds no allegiances, either working with fellow hunters or on his or her own. However, they have a sworn hatred for the Jedi, making them allies with the Empire Classes.