A Farewell to Dragons Review

1C Company and Arise's A Farewell to Dragons is the subject of a new review over at RPGWatch, though it's not as favorable as we might have hoped. A score of 2/5 accompanies this conclusion:
Far from being an action rpg, A Farewell to Dragons walks a road that few have traveled in faithfully attempting to recall the glories of past classics in the genre, and has an interesting character development system as well as a strong focus on story and exploration. There are many times in the game where the player is swept along in a well-choreographed and intricate drama with satisfying encounters, enigmatic characters and a vivid environment. Unfortunately, in the end the game falls short of its ambitious goals by a failure to pay attention to the basics, making it as much a frustration as a pleasure to play. For lovers of free-roaming, classic party rpgs or the steampunk setting, this game may provide a whiff of nostalgia and a decent experience if the price is right and expectations are low. Others may just want to replay Arcanum.
The game is currently $14.99 on Steam if you want to give it a go yourself.