Champions Online Interview

AusGamers recently chatted up Cryptic Studios' Bill Roper about the current state of Champions Online, their plans for future content, and how development of Star Trek Online is coming along.
AG: The game's character creation system is incredibly deep, but once you start playing, initially seems arbitrary - have you thought about ways in which to fully encompass the depth of the CC and players' subsequent creations within your mission/story framework?

Bill: Multiple story arcs are incredibly expensive to create form a time and resources standpoint, and if we tried to do something this granular with the massive diversity of characters that can be created, it would be almost impossible to generate the required amount of content. Our players already felt we didn't have enough on launch, so trying to come up with customised content that takes into account any of the thousands of variations that can be seen with our character creation system would be impossible. This would be more possible in a traditional class/race based system as is common in fantasy games, and we did make significant efforts in terms of different player paths and storylines with diverging Crises zones early on (Canada and Desert) and the Nemesis system where you create your own arch-enemy. We'll continue on more in this vein for customisation of storyline in the near future.