Star Trek Online Interview

Destructoid had the chance to hit Star Trek Online associate producer Andy Velasquez with a fistful of questions about the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG. A sampling:
How did Champions Online influence Star Trek Online? What lessons did you learn from Champions that you're now applying to STO?

(Whenever you launch an MMO you can learn from what it did well and what it didn't do well. We learned about day one patching, beta process, retail keys, web design and flow... Lots and lots and lots of things.

(We have, thankfully, taken those lessons from Champions Online and applied them to STO. We looked at what aspects the fans really liked and what they didn't like. We looked at what worked and didn't work. We made lists. We checked them twice. Naughty. Nice. Etc. Even though we have a different team working on STO then we did with Champions, it's still the same building and the same company. It'd be impossible not to learn our lessons and apply solutions to STO.)