Star Trek Online Interviews

Cryptic's ambitious sci-fi MMORPG continues to build up momentum, with three new interviews concerning the game popping up over the last couple of days.

The first is over at Gamereactor with associate producer Andy Velasquez:
Why did you choose this specific era for the game (it's set in 2409, 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis)?

Again lots of reasons. A key thing is that we want players to feel like the heroes of their timeline. It would be kind of cool for a little bit rubbing arms with Picard and Kirk and all them, but spending all this time and only being second fiddle to something... you know that Picard is the man. And we didn't want the players to have that feeling.

And we also wanted, I mean we're creative individuals on the team as well and we don't want to necessarilly be locked down to retelling the same stories cause we all know what happened when Janeway makes it back. (laughs) I'm sorry if that was a spoiler, but you know we want to be able to tell our own stories.

The second is at Techulous with producer Daniel Stahl:
Techulous: Can you go into any detail about the crafting system in Star Trek Online?

Crafting takes on a different form in Star Trek Online in that players do not take skills that they train up in order to make new items. Instead, all Starfleet Captains have the options to explore the galaxy in search of knowledge and culture and provide an Outreach to other civilizations in the form of exchange and trade. For example, if you come across a civilization in desperate need of medical assistance, depending on how much replicator material available, you may be able to replicate the needed supplies. Similarly, you may find and chart strange astronomical phenomenon and bring that data back to Starfleet Research where they can turn the technology into advances and benefits for your ship or crew.

And the third is at Game Particles with an unnamed developer:
Licensed MMOs have had a pretty rocky history, with the Star Trek franchise being as beloved as it is, what are some of the steps you've taken to avoid the missteps of your competitors?

STO Devs: When we got the Star Trek license we were all extremely excited, but we also knew that this was going to be a big undertaking. We felt that we had to make something that stayed true to the Star Trek franchise but at the same time delivered fun and exciting game play. We've worked really hard on this game and we hope fans enjoy playing it as much as we have making it.