Borderlands The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC Reviews

A couple of new reviews for Gearbox's The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned addon hit the web over the weekend, though neither one does much to convince me to spend another $10.

We start off at Shacknews:
Another nitpick involves the lack of fast travel stations. Despite all the new areas, there's only the one station at the town's entrance, so you'll be doing a fair amount of backtracking to get from major area to major area, especially since that station is where you'll appear after loading a saved game.

Finally, though zombie headshots are rewarded with exploding heads and collectible brains, it's silly that when an optional mission to collect said brains finally comes along, any past collecting is ignored and you're forced to start from square one.

And then move on to All Age Gaming for a score of 6/10:
As far as DLC goes, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a great way to take the basis of the original game and make it something much more unique. But despite this new look and feel, the expansion is very much a lacklustre made for a very niche' gamer market; hardcore zombie fans. With only a few hours playtime and not much replay value, coupled with a boring number of enemies and a few all-too-familiar missions, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a fun-at-first but all round dull experience not worth its price tag. We hoped for a lot with its announcement, but such high standards pretty much ensured our inevitable dissatisfaction. Thanks for the kind gesture anyway Gearbox.