Borderlands Post-Release Interview

Gearbox creative director Mike Neumann took a moment to chat with VG247 about the success of Borderlands, its upcoming DLC, the possibility of a sequel, and more. A sampling:
I guess it's a bit early to ask this, but Borderlands is really successful at the moment. Is there any chance of a Borderlands 2?

Yes, I can probably confirm that there's a chance of a Borderlands 2 [laughs]. I mean, with anything, especially a new IP, if people want more and you can make more, and everybody can make money and do good business there, it obviously makes really good sense to do that. Obviously nothing so far is planned. We're working on DLC. We haven't really had any talks about a sequel, other than water cooler talk like, (Wouldn't this be cool) kind of stuff.

But yeah, Borderlands is really exciting. Everyone here loves the franchise, and it seems like the public is really coming back with praise and love. So yeah, if everything makes sense, Borderlands 2 seems like a no-brainer to me.

What are the chances of a post-launch Borderlands demo?

At one point, we did come up with an idea for a demo. And it was eight hours long. I mean, if you look at the beginning content for the game which is the most logical place to do a demo we were like, (Oh, you can do this, and you can kill [early game boss] Nine Toes!) And there were enough quests where it felt safe, but it was like giving away a whole game's worth of content for free. Which is a little sketchy. It's a little hard to make that decision and pull that trigger. Which is not to say that we won't. We're still trying to figure out a really smart way to do a demo.

Borderlands is just such an expansive game. So many things can happen at any time. It's really hard to truncate that down to some bite-sized, (Here's why you should buy the game) section.

I'm hoping that people are giving each other demos. Skeptical friends are coming over and checking out the game in split-screen, and maybe getting a demo that way. Because word-of-mouth has just been nuts since the game came out.