Star Wars: The Old Republic Blog Update

Long-time BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn is in charge of the newly revealed Jedi Knight character class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, so he took a moment to talk about some of the elements he has to keep in mind while writing about the "profession".
You see, combat is never a problem for the Jedi Knight. Acrobatic lightsaber moves, unleashing devastating Force attacks and back-round kicking opponents in the face are second nature. But what happens when a sworn enemy surrenders and begs you for mercy? You *know* letting him live is going to come back and bite you. Unfortunately, slicing an unarmed opponent in half sort of violates everything the Jedi stand for. So, do you let him live? Or do you bend the rules just this once for the greater good?

Suppose you don't kill him. What if he offers you power in exchange for letting him go free? You can use that power for good. Make the galaxy a better place. The Jedi Council might disapprove, but they're not out here on the front lines fighting for their lives day in and day out, are they?

Maybe that's what the Jedi need. Someone with a bit more of an edge. Someone willing to push the limits. Someone willing to cross the lines and battle the Sith on their own terms.

Only once you start down that path, it's sometimes hard to turn back. Maybe the true heroes are the ones who resist the easy way out. Maybe the Code is what gives the Jedi their enduring strength. Maybe honoring its tenets under all circumstances is the only way to achieve ultimate victory over the dark side.

But the path of uncompromising virtue is a hard road. Take the whole (Jedi must avoid emotional attachments) thing. Love, romance the Council has decreed these feelings must be denied. Yet after the heat of battle, is it so wrong to seek comfort in the arms of another? Is it better to live a life of solitude and loneliness, or to admit your true feelings and keep your secret affair hidden from those who would pass unfair judgment?