Star Trek Online Interview

Star Trek Online lead designer Al Rivera answers a couple pages worth of questions about the sci-fi MMORPG in a new interview on IncGamers.
There are almost 40 Federation vessels for players to choose from. Will there be a similar number of Klingon ships?

First, let me be clear, there are 16 Federation ship configurations. Each configuration allows the player to customise from the parts of three different ships for instance, the first ship you get is a Lt. Cruiser, and you can customise it from the parts of a Miranda, a Centaur, and a ShiKahr (something new we introduced to the IP). So technically, there are 48 Starfleet ship models in the game, but there are 16 playable configurations (five Escorts, five Cruisers, five Science Vessels, and one starting Lt. Cruiser).

Klingon ship progression is slightly different. You can advance through five different Birds of Prey: four Raptors, three Battle Cruisers (like the Vor'cha and the Negh'Var) and one Carrier. You start in a Bird of Prey. When you gain a new rank, you can choose to advance into the next tier Bird of Prey, or instead choose a Raptor. At the next rank, you can choose from the next Bird of Prey, next Raptor, or choose the Battle Cruiser. and so on. Altogether, there are 13 Klingon ship configurations. There is slightly less overall configuration than Starfleet, but there are more high-end ships to choose from.