Borderlands Reviews

It's time for another daily dose of Borderlands reviews courtesy of our friend, the Internet.

GameSpot gives it an 8.5/10:
After you uncover the secrets of the Vault, you are once again set loose into Pandora, where you are free to quest on and remember why you enjoyed your previous hours with the game. Borderlands has tens of hours of quests to fulfill, and you'll likely find yourself enticed back to explore new skills, find new guns, and kill more enemies. Though the core action doesn't change drastically over the course of the game, it is woven together in such a way that once it ensnares you, you'll want nothing more than to plunge into Pandora at any chance you get. Combat is satisfying, and upgrading your skills and equipment is engaging. The constant stream of loot and experience is rewarding, and sharing it with some friends makes the experience that much richer and more exciting. Despite its hostile (albeit stylish) environment, Pandora is a great planet to visit if you want to shoot some stuff. Just be sure to bring some friends along for the ride.

NZGamer gives it a 9.2/10:
The jump-in, jump-out aspect of multiplayer mode is great for people who like to play both solo and multiplayer. And while FPS/multiplayer extremists may find the questing a bit grindy (as one confided to me after a few days of playing), there really is a je ne sais quoi about this game that totally rules. In fact, I'm considering getting another copy for the PC, just so I can play with my other group of gamer friends.

Gamer's Hell gives it a 7.5/10:
A fairly unique composition in terms of first-person shooter meets role-playing gameplay with a stylized presentation, Borderlands offers hours of leveling to do and a never-ending supply of enemies to experiment destructive weapons on. While the story barely makes for a reason to horde equipment or play out missions with parameters of kill, kill, kill, once you add a few other players to the mix, you get a game that does well in the action-RPG scene, despite its nagging issues.

The Armchair Empire gives it an 8.5/10:
Gearbox has churned out another hit with Borderlands, an original IP with original style, flare, graphics, and gameplay in a land of sequels, spin-offs and clones. I sincerely hope box sales for the title represent it.

Wonderwallweb gives it a 9.5/10:
Borderlands is an addictive and must have purchase. Single player is great but take it for a spin online to have some great gaming moments.

Buttonmasher doesn't go with a score:
In the end, even without rich cutscenes and an engrossing story, there is plenty of game to be had, I would seriously recommend hooking up with some friends to play this. There are plenty of people in the ButtonMasher community that you could team up with if needed, but you will find the tactics and class system far more rewarding if you team up with some others. If you can't? Well you still might enjoy it if you are one of those people I mentioned above, there is a great mix of elements from the two genres that mean you might have something to chew away at for quite some time.

DigitalBattle gives it a 9/10:
Technically, the game shines with its impressive visuals and art style, the sound and music are well done, and even the cut scenes are memorable and stand out. The few issues are of technical nature, like frame rate drops and jaggy animations. Overall, it's definitely a game to check out this holiday season.

Military gives it a 3/4:
The team at Gearbox has done a fine job of merging shooter and role-playing mechanics, and fans of both genres will enjoy the ride. Even people who are spooked by guns will be drawn into the search for new tools of destruction.

PEOWW gives it a 9/10:
There are a hundred other good things to say about Borderlands that can't possibly be squeezed into 1000 words (it's more than that sorry ed). This is a superb FPS with RPG elements that offers a fantastic single player experience and plenty of fun with friends. My only regret has to be, what can they possibly do differently in a sequel? FPS fans can get as much from this game as the most obsessive compulsive loot collecting explorers as myself, and that's saying something!

And Games2c gives it a 9/10:
More games should be like Borderlands; not afraid to take risks whilst confident in the knowledge that there'˜s enough technical skill working in the background to deliver a truly compelling and entertaining experience. Fancy a little twist to your shooting collection? Make a break for this Border, you won'˜t be disappointed.