Borderlands Reviews, Launch Trailer

After you're done checking out the Borderlands launch trailer on Voodoo Extreme, there are quite a few new reviews to sift through.

Gameplanet goes with an 8.5/10:
If you like shooters or games like Diablo you really should give Borderlands a try. Considering how much content there is the game is great value for money; especially when you factor in downloadable content for the future. It also does not hurt that the game is plenty of fun and I cannot wait to go back and play some more with my friends - except that one guy that messed up my mamma's lady parts... him, I will never play with again. (Don't judge me; that line is in the game!).

Gamervision goes with an 8/10:
Borderlands is a fantastic beginning to what will hopefully become a great franchise. While it lacks certain elements that would have made it more memorable, the sleek gameplay and beautiful graphics represent a stellar example of genres melting together, something which too often fails in execution. After completing the game, a second playthough is opened, turning up the difficulty and starting the story anew, something that many gamers will likely end up taking advantage of. It might be hard to find time for Borderlands in this crowded holiday season, but it shouldn't be ignored, and is something everyone should try out.

Deviosity goes with a 4/5:
As far as shooters go, Borderlands is solid and, resultingly, generic. However, with the roleplaying elements tossed in and combined almost seamlessly, it succeeds in ways that most other genre hybrids dramatically failed. There's enough content to keep you playing for thirty, forty, maybe even fifty hours. By the end of your first play through, you won't have reached the level cap, and with a second, more difficult round opening up upon the story's completion, there'll still be plenty left to do. Borderlands does enough right to warrant the time spent, and though inspiring a slight sense of disappointment, the things it does wrong are inconsequential enough to let pass with a sincere warning.

Cheat Happens goes with an 8/10:
Borderlands is a unique and original experience that is engaging and unique for each player. With its unique cell-shaded, comic book style visuals and genre bending gameplay, you won't find anything like Borderlands this holiday season, just don't go in by yourself or expecting an engaging storyline.

Gaming Age goes with a "B":
As much fun as I'm going to have in my life with comparing this to Fallout 3, they are different games in the end. Each knows what it is and while a crossover crowd will exist, both titles will cater to the userbase they aim to please. Borderlands is definitely a lot more concise and action-oriented, which works out really well in my opinion. The multiplayer aspect gives it a lot of longevity, which is supplemented with New Game+ features as well. Mission variety is decent and enemies are well varied within their types, although the most addictive part of the game's missions will be the underlying RPG elements that allow further customization and adjustments throughout the length of the title. Borderlands will have a lot of people coming back for more despite its shortcomings, and is by all means a notable title for the year.

Gamers Daily News goes with an 8.5/10:
Borderlands is a pretty accessible romp, keeping all of its components (RPG aspects, co-op play, and FPS action) simple but not brainless. Combined with the sheer amount of content available, I think you'll get your money's worth out of this one. And after a very bad week, I have to say this: playing Borderlands made me genuinely happier. If you're into loot-driven games, this might be okay as a singleplayer adventure, but it really comes into its own when played with at least one friend. With these things in mind, I heartily recommend Borderlands for purchase!

Tiscali goes with a 9/10:
More games should be like Borderlands; not afraid to take risks whilst confident in the knowledge that there's enough technical skill working in the background to deliver a truly compelling and entertaining experience. Fancy a little twist to your shooting collection? Make a break for this Border, you won't be disappointed.

Impulse Gamer goes with a 9.7/10:
Many of the quests are there just to give you a way to earn exp. money and equipment. There is also a set storyline that a good portion of the quest takes you through. Many of the side quests were written very well so that even though they aren't part of the main story that progresses you thru the game they still help to unfold the background of the people you meet and explain the main plot more thoroughly. The in game NPC characters have personalities that truly make you love the ones on your side and hate the ones against you.

Tech Olive goes with an 8/10:
The sheer choice of weapons is actually quite astounding. There are countless different variations ranging from pistols to rocket launchers, each with their own unique names and stats. The weapons really allow you to tailor the way the game plays based on your style. Ammo is in abundance sometimes, but other times you'll struggle to keep a full clip. There are stores that allow you to buy and sell items including ammo. So if you have the money, you're usually covered.

Gamer's Intuition leaves a score out of the picture:
For those who are unfamiliar or just inexperienced with loot-centric games like Diablo, getting used to the gameplay in Borderlands may take some time. However, if you can persevere long enough to become accustomed to its repetitive nature, the gameplay is incredibly solid and the co-op is a hell of a lot of fun. While not perfect, Borderlands is definitely worth a second look.

And Ten Ton Hammer goes with an "A-":
Whether you're a long time FPS player looking for something new, an old-school RPG player that's always thought FPS games looked interesting but found they just didn't have enough to offer, or a mix of the two, you should find a lot of enjoyment in Borderlands. I know I've said it a few times in here, but it can't be stressed enough. Borderlands has more style than the latest America's Next Top Model. Combined with a complete smorgasbord of treasures to loot, this is the most unique, yet instantly accessible game, to come around in a very long time.