Star Trek Online Preview

GameDaily has kicked out a brief preview of Star Trek Online, which serves as a pretty good summary if you're unfamiliar with Cryptic's next MMORPG.
Star Trek Online's combat system breaks down into two parts. The first involves your team visiting planets, using run and gun combat to defeat enemies. The other portion is much deeper, as you strategically move and place your starships through real-time tactical planning. Capital ships play a huge part in these scenarios, and you'll need to constantly shift power back and forth between offense and defense. First, you'll put everything you've got into bulking up your weapons, then turn it around and put your shields at maximum.

As you establish your fleet, you'll expand it by utilizing a proposed Galactic Economy system. You'll be able to pool your resources and recruit new members for your team, while also creating new installations, such as space stations, mining platforms, shipyards and much more. The more you have, the stronger you become. Just make sure you don't put too much of your resources into one thing.