Demon's Souls Reviews

Another wave of Demon's Souls critiques has reached the Internet, so I thought I'd once again round up the latest reviews for From Software's surprisingly difficult PS3 RPG.

The first is at GameInformer with a score of 9.0/10:
Demon's Souls has received a lot of hype for being monstrously difficult, and while it's clearly not the kind of game you can pass in a weekend, its finer points shouldn't be lost in all the fear. This game is tough, but also rewarding, interesting, evocative, and, in its own special way, brilliant. Add in extensive new game-plus options and the strangely compelling multiplayer, and Demon's Souls is one of the first truly great Japanese RPGs of this generation, and certainly the most remarkable.

The second is at Associated Content with a score of 81/100:
Every minute spent on Demon's Souls will make you feel like you're becoming a better gamer. Like a cruel mistress, it will treat you badly and snicker as you come crawling back for more abuse. But you will learn to crave the punishment. The feeling of accomplishment you get at the end of each murderous section is worth every drop of blood spilled and every controller thrown. Even as I write this review, the game beckons me back....

The third is at with no score:
This is a niche game and is very much lacking in accessibility, and if that seems romantic and old-school, that's fine. I understand the game's strengths and I appreciate what From Software did here, but I would ask anyone who is singing its praises this: Did you beat it? Personally, I'm still working my way through the game and I'll report back when I've finished it.

The fourth is at Kombo with a score of 8.5/10:
The gameplay holds up in the face of the unrelenting and brutal challenge the game presents, a large part in thanks to the neat design around the challenging difficulty. Souls seems like a direct assault on all the games that offer cushy deaths and limitless checkpoints. In the end, you'll keep playing the game because of the reward of beating something nearly impossible. Souls is a top notch title that is impossible to put down.

And the fifth is at Game Observer with a score of 86/100:
Brings a breath of fresh air to a genre desperately in need of saving by demanding skill, tactics and vigilance from players. An RPG you simply can't afford to pass up.