World of Warcraft Twitter Q&A

Blizzard recently fielded a large batch of Twitter-submitted questions about World of Warcraft and its expansions, and have posted them all (with answers) on the game's official forums. A sampling:
Q: With Cataclysm revisiting the old world, any plan to make the old reputations worthwhile again?

A: With each expansion, we introduce new reputations with new rewards. Sometimes we introduce reputations that are obviously related, such as Argent Dawn/Argent Crusade and Cenarion Circle/Cenarion Expedition. We don't update the rewards for existing reps, as we don't want to put new characters at such a significant disadvantage.


Q: Will 10-man raiding guilds see Legendary quality weapons (items) drop in their raids anytime soon? Or in Cataclysm?

A: Our current plan is to reserve Legendary weapons for the 25 person encounters, I wouldn't rule it out in the future though.
Thanks, Blue's News.