Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

Hooked Gamers is offering up a brief preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic, just in case you want to brush up on some of the information that's been released to date.
The game also features companions that can join you in your quest and either fight alongside you, or betray you, depending on their motives or yours.

These new companions aren't your typical role-playing game AI controlled characters that we have all experienced in other games like this. They are much smarter and if you cross them or perform an action (such as switching sides) then they might turn on you. The opposite is true as well. If you perform up to their expectations then you will have a friend and ally for life. Unless you can manage to make them turn too!

NPC characters aside. This is an online game and that means that most if not all of your gaming pleasure can be derived from interactions with real people. Different factions can be formed or joined and players can work toward a common goal.