Demon's Souls Reviews

Since it's a slow news day, I thought it would be the perfect time to round up some more reviews for Atlus and From Software's Demon's Souls.

PopMatters comes in with a 9/10:
Demon's Souls is a triumph of the JRPG genre, providing an experience (and difficulty) that is unmatchable in any other title this generation. It is also stubborn as it makes no concessions against its grinding and upgrade mechanics, which narrowly treads the line between the commitment needed to play an RPG as opposed to an MMORPG with a completion time at a minimum of 40 hours and a level cap at 712. Though the barrier to entry seems unfairly high, players that surrender themselves to the game will undoubtedly discover a vastly rewarding experience that only continues to give back. From Software has produced an uncompromising game that compels the player to invest and understand the game on its own terms and Atlus has shown once again they are one of the most fearless publishers in the industry today. To put it simply, Demon's Souls is a great game.

TheGo hits it with an 8/10:
Basically, if you love Action games with RPG elements, and don't mind putting up a fight to get through, you're going to love Demon's Souls. It's a fun, engaging title with a lot of replayability and enough to make you come back for more. You can certainly do a lot worse in this day and age. But be prepared to die. A lot.

And then Giant Bomb does their "quick look" video thing.