Borderlands Goes Gold

Gearbox Software fired over a press release earlier this evening announcing that Borderlands has officially gone gold across all three platforms and will be available in North America on October 20th (consoles) and October 26th (PC).
Gearbox Software Announces Borderlandsâ„¢ has Gone Gold

Gearbox Software is proud to announce that its highly anticipated game, Borderlandsâ„¢, has gone to "gold master" for the Xbox 360â„¢, the PlayStation 3 and the PC. Published by 2K Games, Borderlands will be available in North America on October 20, 2009 on consoles and October 26, 2009 on PC and in Europe beginning October 23, 2009 for consoles and October 30th on PC.

In Borderlands, players step into the shoes of a Vault Hunter! Rumors whisper of a Vault of alien technology hidden on the remote wasteland planet Pandora, that it holds immeasurable wealth for whoever finds it. Can you survive to discover if the Vault is real?

'¢ RPS (Role-Playing Shooter): Fast-paced shooter action (no dice rolling!) combined with character development and growth, choice, and tons of loot!
'¢ Four Classes: Level up as one of four distinct characters, with their own unique skills and abilities.
'¢ Dangerous World: Fight your way through vicious alien wildlife, marauding gangs of bandits, and their leaders and that's just the easy stuff!
'¢ Loot: Borderlands generates millions of guns, grenade mods, energy shields, artifacts, and more! Find the perfect gun!
'¢ Play Your Way: Online, offline, singleplayer, or up to 4-player co-op (or 2-player splitscreen), you play Borderlands your way!
'¢ Persistent Character: Level up and take your character to other players' games, or have them join yours in drop-in, drop-out co-op! Keep your progress, experience, and equipment between games!
'¢ Huge Game: Explore, gather loot, complete tons of side quests and challenges, finish the main story and continue on to a second playthrough (with tougher enemies and better loot), or even challenge your friends to combat!

Think you'll be the one to find the Vault? Grab your friends, your FPS skills, and guns (lots of them) and get ready to level up and find out in Borderlands! For more information, visit