Borderlands Previews

With Borderlands' release only 11 days away, it might be a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of the game by reading through this latest round of previews.

In our time in the advanced areas of the game, we visited a few different areas with a character that was ridiculously powerful--several levels ahead of each area and armed to the teeth with a high-powered sniper rifle, an incendiary submachine gun, and a flat-out ludicrous rocket launcher that just happened to have the ability to fire rockets that split into multiple shots with every pull of the trigger to deliver absurd amounts of damage in a single area. Because we were packing this much heat, we decided to try out our new toys first in Old Haven, a bombed-out town that has been taken over by a mysterious faction of disturbingly organized mercenaries known as the Crimson Lance.

These mercs are apparently after the vault, just like you, and they'll attack you on sight with their own high-powered sidearms and from turret emplacements. They also carry generators that erect translucent red shield barriers, which they can set up in front of themselves to create their own cover. Unless you have a powerful sniper rifle that can zoom in on the tiny body parts they leave exposed, or some very good grenades, like incendiary Bouncing Betties that split off into multiple explosive bits, you'll have to fire on these barriers continuously to wear them down and get at the enemies behind them.

The other thing that 2K pointed out was how the terrain changed from the dusty Western-like flatlands to higher-altitude, snow-covered hills. In fact, over the last stages of the game, you're gradually introduced to snowier patches and the need to walk up a lot of upwardly sloped land.

Finally, 2K added that, while players will have different styles of gameplay, which will vary the leveling-up process for each player, the gamemakers estimated that, while the level cap is 50, completing the game will only get you up to Level 30 or so. However, you can continue to level up a character through additional gameplay after you've completed the main game though you should also know that, if you start the game over with the existing character, you won't be facing enemies that are at their same starting level as they had when the game first booted up.

And iafrica:
"Where you aim is where you shoot" as Hels said during the presentation and it works well. With the monsters jumping for us, spectacular mid-air shots were a certainty. Every enemy in the game has a weak spot to exploit and these little creatures were no exception. We quickly learned that waiting for them to open their mouths was the easiest way to killing them. But a few minutes later we encountered the bandits.

Making use of cover and running away when hurt, these guys are a refreshing change from the thick AI associated with other games. The bandits will often attempt to charge your position if it appears that you are hiding away.