Demon's Souls Reviews

The weekend brings us several more reviews of Atlus and From Software's Demon's Souls, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a single negative comment among them.

The first is at Endsights with a perfect score of 5/5:
If the game is so difficult then why continue playing? Satisfaction. Completing any goal in Demon's Souls is extremely satisfying, so much in fact, that it'll keep you going for hours. Demon's Souls isn't just a quality title, it's the best RPG on the Playstation 3 this year. Completing the game could take anywhere from 30-100 hours, all depending on how you play. Demon's Souls certainly isn't for everybody, but if it looks interesting in any form, it's absolutely worth checking out.

The second is at RPGFan with a score of 86%:
All-in-all, Demon's Souls is a game every PS3 RPG fan should buy just to say that they own it, just to say that they've played it. It's up to you as the gamer to figure out if an incredibly difficult, incredibly unique game is the game for you. For me, the experience of just playing a game that has these features not seen anywhere else is worthwhile. As I said in my introduction, I wish I didn't have to assign this game a score. I wish I could just supply the text of my review for you to take the game on its own merits because Demon's Souls is such a unique game that it transcends traditional rating.

The third is at Blogcritics Gaming with a perfect score of 5/5:
Fans of role playing games are going to be spending quite a lot of time playing Demon's Souls, it is a challenging, engrossing experience and a solid exclusive to the PS3 library. Many worlds and stages have paths that are not accessible the first time through, so you must go back once you are stronger, adding even more to the replay factor. Although the year is not over yet, Demon's Souls is a shining example of one of this year's best games.

The fourth is at That Videogame Blog with no score:
It was either made for you, or it wasn't. And that's why it's so difficult to criticize this game from any objective standpoint whatsoever. It seems kind of trite to say, basically, (You'll love it or hate it,) but it's important to say because it seems Demon's Souls is a (Love or Hate) game by design. All I can really tell you is try it. Either the hard boiled challenge will be a breath of fresh air to you and be a satisfying 80-100 hours, or it will become about two hours you want back.

The fifth is at Play Magazine with a score of 9.5/10:
The word of mouth on this game is going to be great, unless your friends only play WiiFit. Demon's Souls is what an 8-Bit game would play like if it were popped open and dumped out in your lap. Gorgeous, thoughtful, and complete unto itself, it's the second-best title I've played this year. Maybe even better.

And the sixth is at GameInformer, though it's more of an impressions piece:
This Japanese import has a bounty of treasures. Its deep brawler-like combat varies radically depending on what type of weapon you use, whom you're fighting, and how you've built your character. The rich atmosphere created by its stunning visuals and outstanding audio is often creepy, sometimes breathtaking, and always engrossing. Its impressive breadth of content supports dozens of hours of play on a single run-through. Innovative use of the Internet to facilitate player interactions including, but not limited to, co-op and competitive play greatly improves the experience.