Borderlands Preview

OXM apparently thinks that we already know enough about Gearbox's Borderlands, as their new preview for the game only spans three paragraphs.  One of them:
It's been a long time since we last saw the wasteland first-person shooteRPG known as Borderlands. It's received a complete aesthetic makeover, and instead of looking Unreal, it now looks, well, unreal! Our demo started us off as Rolland, a well-rounded hero (and one of four playable characters) who knows his way around a firefight. The first few levels lead you through the typical RPG tropes of kill collection and item recovery centered around ridding the town of Fyrestone of its bandit infestation. Before we knew it, level five was upon us and we received our first skill point which you must spend to activate your character's unique ability. In Rolland's case, it's a deployable turret that doubles as cover. Each additional skill point you earn may be spent in any of the three available skill trees: offense, defense, and utility. You can also mix and match between trees to build the character that's right for you.