Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Blog

Star Wars: The Old Republic writer Neil Pollner has penned a new developer blog that describes BioWare's vision of the Sith Warrior and how we'll begin the game after choosing to become one.
The Sith Warrior is about domination and control, as he seeks to utterly annihilate his enemies. He or she wields a lightsaber with more devastating effect as the warrior brings ferocity and rage to bear on every strike. The warrior is feared, is a melee master, and can choke you to death without even touching you.

You begin the Sith Warrior story as the apprentice of one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Empire. Yes, you serve him, as Vader served the Emperor, but he knows that you are at your best and most powerful the more you can flex your muscles. As long as your master's ultimate directives are met, you are encouraged to entertain your every impulse and do as you please.

Unbound and unleashed on the galaxy, you wage war against the Jedi, relentlessly hunting and neutralizing their most powerful and important players. You can leave an indelible darkness on every planet you visit or find less wanton routes to your goals, as you eliminate rivals, acquire your own minions and build your personal power base.