Borderlands: Meet The Killers

IGN has cranked out a set of detailed profiles for the four character classes that will be available to us later this month in Gearbox's Borderlands. A little something about the Hunter's skill divisions:
Sniper | As you might have guessed by the name, these skills offer up ranged damage dealing bonuses. You can increase weapon accuracy, damage with sniper rifles, gain a triggered damage and reload temporary buff following a kill, reduce the Bloodwing cool down rate with sniper rifle hits, and boost sniper rifle magazine capacity. There's also an interesting skill here that gives you and whatever friends are playing with you an experience point boost if an enemy is killed with a critical hit.

Rogue | These skills mostly have to do with making your Bloodwing a more effective method of attack. You can increase the attack bird's movement speed, give it the ability to replenish your health when it attacks, give it a chance to rip additional special items from enemies, and giving it a chance to daze enemies. You can also power it up so it attacks more than one target per activation.

Gunslinger | This division focuses more on pistol attacks and general damage bonuses. You can bolster critical hit damage, give yourself the opportunity to blast off two bullets when you fire pistol instead of one, and increase pistol magazine size. The highest level Gunslinger skill bumps up your firing rate and give a percentage chance to temporarily inflict even more damage. A melee skill is also included here, giving each strike the potential to cause double damage or more, depending on how many points you dump in.