Borderlands Interviews

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford continues to make the rounds answering questions about Borderlands, with two more interviews showing up earlier this week.

The first is a text interview on TrueGameHeadz, though it's primarily a personal Q&A:
What game has most influenced you, and why?
The Colossal Cave Adventure was a text-based game I first played on a CP/M based system my father built. I think that game is what started me down the path of being a game developer. I learned how to use hex-editors to look into the source code of the game for clues about how to beat it. From there, I discovered things about how the game was constructed that led me to dig deeper into learning how to program computers and to design video games of my own. From there, I would say that Hack and Nethack are the games that I have probably spent the most hours playing and for years I have said that DooM and DooM 2 are my favorite games of all time. I think it's interesting that Borderlands, from a game design point-of-view, is fundamentally blending the first person shooter genre that DooM spawned with the collect-loot-and-level-up (RPG) genre that Nethack spawned.

While the other is an audio interview at Gaming Nexus, and this time we learn about the game's AI "gear builder" system, the advantages that each class brings to the table, and more.