Demon's Souls Reviews

It's time to round up several more glowing reviews of Atlus and From Software's PS3-exclusive RPG, Demon's Souls.

GamesRadar starts us off with a 9/10:
For every moment we spent screaming at our TV and throwing our controller we had four moments of awe. Demon's Souls is the scrappiest, hardest and best RPG released so far on the PS3 and, in our opinion, it's one of the best we'll see on any console this generation.

GameZone arrives at a 9.4/10:
This is a truly exceptional RPG experience that hasn't been offered by any other game in its genre. It all comes down to whether you're brave enough to explore its savage environments, but if you are I can promise that you won't be disappointed.

The Escapist hands out a scoreless conclusion:
Demon's Souls is equal parts aggravating, cruel, and punishing, but it's also extremely satisfying and rewarding. Yes, you'll cry bitter tears after dying for the umpteenth time, but when you finally do make it past the whatever-it-is that's been pummeling you for hours, you feel positively godlike.

WorthPlaying provides us with some first impressions:
The sheer amount of customization and gameplay options are through the roof, and whether you're a magic-loving sorcerer or a twitching-gaming swordsman, you'll find a play style that suits you. It's rare to find an RPG that rewards skill and patience as much as it does high stats, and the online features are perhaps the game's strongest element. It's one of the few titles that deeply encourage players to work together, but the ability to invade other gamers' worlds adds an interesting element of risk. The forgiving death system means that losing in combat, whether it's to an enemy ambush or an invading player, is only a minor setback. Despite the lenient death system, Demon's Souls is not going to be a game for everyone, but for those PS3 owners who are looking for a challenging, interesting and very unique RPG, Demon's Souls looks to be right up your alley.

Spawn Kill levels an 8.5/10 at the game:
Demon's Souls in a nutshell is a wonderful game and somewhat of a haunting experience. The dark fantasy-based setting, story, and characters are much different than most of what is seen in the genre. What ultimately holds the game back is one of its main appeals. Without the extreme difficulty, Demon's Souls would be a bland dungeon-crawler; with it, the game will be passed over by players unwilling to devote hours upon hours into fighting relatively few enemies for relatively small rewards. The payoff for patience with this title is an experience unlike anything else, a pride and sense of accomplishment unparalleled by any title I have encountered.

And Punch Jump decides to give the game a perfect 5/5:
Demon's Souls is a unique action RPG that defies current generation game development. The difficulty is high but not impossible for users to learn a bit more with each play, and slowly erode each level to reap the reward.