Demon's Souls Reviews

Three more enthusiastic reviews for the North American version of Atlus and From Software's Demon's Souls kick off the new week.

VGChartz comes in with an 8.7/10:
Demon's Souls is a strange experiment of community based action RPG gaming which makes for an experience that everyone should try out for themselves. You may shout swear words after your third death in a specific area or lament your lot in life when you are invaded while just trying to beat a level, but it makes the sense of satisfaction upon success that much more sweet. It has surprising value, a unique atmosphere, and fun gameplay, all of which help to offset the lack of polish in the presentation. It won't be for everyone, but if you are willing to put up with some heart rending moments of frustration, you can get a great gaming experience out of Demon's Souls.

PlayStation Illustrated deems it worthy of a 90%:
Demon's Souls is a game that deserves a lot of attention and credit. It not only fills a much-needed gap in the PS3's barren RPG library, but it offers a different approach to both online play and player interaction. It's a touch nut to crack, but give it a chance and you'll like what it has to offer.

And Elder Geek brings us a favorable "worth buying" video review.