Borderlands Previews

The weekend brings us even more coverage for Gearbox's Borderlands, with yet another set of hands-on previews making their way to the 'net.

Borderlands is set up to surprise people. The press demo we've had our hands on for a few weeks gives a solid idea of the mechanics and the elements that will drive the game. It's too early to say if this is an evolution of design or an ill-conceived mish-mash of ideas (that can only come with longer, more extended time with the game), but things are looking good for the game. It draws inspiration from a plethora of games and movies, but attempts to carve out its own space and feel. The look, design and elements of questing make Borderlands more than just an average shooter and more than just a four-person shooter.

MTV Multiplayer:
If you're looking to dole out crap loads of damage, the Berserker is perfect for you. His skills are focused around explosive weapons and melee attacks. While he's not extremely ideal for standard guns, he's a beast with a rocket launcher. His active skill is also the most entertaining of the four classes, as he basically runs around screaming while punching people in the face for massive damage. Not much of a thinker, but of all the classes he's going be the hardest to take down.

For those looking for a game that is going to supply a huge amount of replay value, then this game would have to be it. You could wander around all day looking for loot, acquiring weapons and parts to manufacture other creations, or simply follow the storyline and work your way through it reasonably quickly. But don't expect to get through it even that way too fast.

USA Today:
The game sports a content generation system which takes stock parts from a variety of weapons and places them into thousands of combinations. Players will find sniper rifles with the bullet chamber of a revolver, pistols firing incendiary bullets or shotguns that emit a long-range wave effect when fired. Shields discovered by players also contains special properties, such as health regeneration or the ability to resist fire. The game looks like a loot collector's dream.

And then there's GameTrailers, where you can spend over three minutes listening to their impressions while checking out fresh gameplay footage.