Demon's Souls Reviews

With yet another wave of enthusiastic reviews, Atlus' Demon's Souls has to be one of the highest rated role-playing games I've seen in a long time.

GameFocus goes with a 9.3/10:

If you are not a hardcore gamer or a gamer who can play your average action RPG on a difficulty above easy you probably will hate yourself for putting a single dollar out for this game. But if you are a gamer looking for a true challenge with plenty of extreme action, fun replay value, great multiplayer and a unique twist on everything then this is a game you must own.

GamingExcellence hands it a 9.5/10:
That said, Demon's Souls is a terrific game. It sets such a high standard for dungeon crawling titles that can only be matched by the best of them. Fantastic atmosphere, simple controls that allow for a diverse portfolio of combat options, a feeling of success that is unmatched by any other title I've played to date, and an unmatched feeling of dread for when you walk into the lair of something that's ten times bigger than you, and hungry. Simply put, Demon's Souls should be on your shelf if you've ever played an action-RPG title before. It's fun, it's impressive in scope and depth, it's unmatched on the market, and it's fun (did I say that already?) Yes, it's hard. Yes, you'll die. Yes, you'll die a lot.

The Hachiko throws off the balance a bit with a 3.5/5:
Demon's Souls is a game that's as tough to review as it is to play. I can see people absolutely loving this game and becoming diehard players despite the difficulty, as that challenge will be the thrill that keeps them pushing forwards. Others will feel the game is too daunting and quit playing not long after they started the game, wishing they hadn't spent the money. Personally speaking, I think Demon's Souls falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes for me. I enjoyed the game when it was challenging though fair, but sometimes the odds are just too stacked against you for there to be any enjoyment. It's a game that will please as many people as it pisses off.

PS3 Attitude doesn't label it with any score:
Demon's Souls is an RPG lover's paradise. The expansive world and the treasures it holds will keep anyone occupied for many hours to come. The game is what you make of it. You decide where you want to go and what you want to do.

And Crave Online provides some glowing impressions:
In the end Demon's Souls is a game that represents the best the genre has to offer. Is it hard? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Serious gamers will have to have this game just to say they mastered it. Casual gamers in all honesty might want to look elsewhere unless you have an expert gamer you can call for the hard parts, which are about 90% of the game.