Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station DLC Review

Game Central's review of BioWare's Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station DLC probably isn't going to convince many people to spend their money on the addon.
Pinnacle Station came over a year after Mass Effect released on PC, so most have already played through the original game. Sure you get these nifty trinkets, but at best you could only enjoy and use them during the final few scenes of the game. Most of us, however, will probably just finish Pinnacle Station with a nice sour taste in our mouths, and not bother to replay the ending using the rewards.

And the rest of Pinnacle Station comes as no prize either. With no real semblance of Mass Effect's excellent sci-fi story, we simply get the game's arguably weakest aspect, the combat. Not to mention, it's quite ironic that this DLC costs $5 especially as the free DLC, Bring Down the Sky, had story, gameplay, and length that made it one of the best side missions in the game. I know neither why EA charged money for Pinnacle Station, nor know for sure why Bioware even developed it; I can only assume it comes as a half-hearted attempt to fulfill Bioware's original promise to develop several DLC missions. But with Mass Effect 2 coming soon, I see no reason why anyone, even Mass Effect fans, should waste their time with Pinnacle Station.