DC Universe Online Articles and Screenshots

There's a significant helping of new content for DC Universe Online on the Internet today, so I thought I'd toss it all into one newsbit.

First, VideoGamer previews the game:
While I was only playing the game for a matter of minutes, it's already clear that Sony is aiming to keep things as accessible as possible. My fisticuffs-loving villain was easily able to put together combos by chaining her light and heavy attacks, while a third all-purpose button allowed her to grab scenery items to hurl at the nearest mutant; if this same button was then used to interact with a knocked-out monster, it would revive and act as an AI-controlled ally. Each of my super powers was triggered by holding a shoulder button and then tapping the corresponding face button, and after each of these attacks there was a brief cooldown period before that move can be used again. Since my villain used Earth power, her attacks were quite, well, earthy; my favourite move involved temporarily turning my arm into a concrete battering ram. You'll actually have 8 powers available at any given time: four active ones, and four passive abilities with a more defensive focus. Together these sets will allow the player to perform multiple roles within a given quest.

After which Gaming Union interviews senior producer Wes Yanagi:
GU: As players have complete freedom of movement from what seems like the beginning, are you planning on giving low-levelled players restrictions on travel?

WY: From day one, we want to fulfill a player's superpower fantasy and make sure you feel like a superhero/supervillain. So right off the bat, you will have your basic movement modes: flight, acrobatics, and superspeed. As your character advances, you'll gain additional abilities on top of these basic modes, which will augment their functionality in the game.

And then WorthPlaying comes through with five new screenshots.